Podvertiser Media Coverage

Posted in Conferences by Altan on the November 18th, 2005

Portable Media Expo 2005 Recap

Posted in Conferences by Altan on the November 12th, 2005

Podvertiser exhibited at Portable Media Expo. The Expo & Conference was a great successs where we had a chance to meet the podcasting community in general. Tim and his staff in TNC New Media did a great job to organize such a wonderful event. We will be there again in 2006.

In the event, Podvertiser announced the next generation Ad Serving Platform for Downloadable Digital Media.

For those who missed the stage presentation, Podvertiser’s patent-pending Ad Serving Technology for Downloadable Digital Media offers

  • context-sensitive targeting
  • geo-targeting
  • auction-based bidding for ad spots
  • real-time ad selection
  • dynamic ad insertion into the video and audio content regardless of the file format
  • Podcaster’s Guide to Podvertiser and Advertiser’s Guide to Podvertiser explains the value proposition podvertiser offers to content creators and advertiser.

    I was also a speaker in Advertising Models for Portable Media panel, where I talked about the importance of applying the proven AdSense-like model to podcasting by simplifiying entire advertising process to a level even a local mom-n-pop shop can advertise just by speaking through mic.

    We beleive, AdSense-like model creates an ecosystem by giving right incentives to the content creators - especially those countless talents residing in the right side of the long tail -, which will improve the overall content quality in long term.